What is Meant by CSS ?

CSS in PAKISTAN stand for central superior services . It is the exam held under the Federal Public Service commission (FPSC).

Who Take CSS Exam in PAKISTAN ?

CSS exam in Pakistan is taken by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) .It is an institute which is under the government of Pakistan take CSS exam in Pakistan to select the officers of BPS/17 who hold the ground for the preority of nation.

How you can pass the test of FPSC | Tips

Who is eligible for CSS exam?

Basically Mminimum eligibilty for CSS exam in Pakistan is Bachelor in Studies like

. Bachelor of Arts (B.A)

. Bachelor of Science( B.Sc)

Which degree is best for CSS?

As the minimum degree for CSS is Bachelor level but it is often said the best degree for CSS exam is the Master degree in any of your subject so that you can take exam easily and get good marks in the exam and get a good position in the CSS exam.

Which services are present in the CSS exam ?

Following services are present in the CSS exam passer ;

There are 12 twelve Higher ranks or levels in services of CSS Pakistan

. Pakistan Foregien Services ( PSF)

. Pakistan Administrator Services (PAS)

. Pakistan Railway Services (PRS)

. Pakistan Police Services (PPS)

. Pakistan Custom Services (PCS)

. Services of Commerce and trade

. Formation Group

. Income tax Group

. Pakistan Adit and Account Services (PAAS)

. Pakistan Postal Services (PPS)

. Office Managment Group (OMG)

. District Managmebt Group (DMG)

All these are higlhy ranked and top class posts in Pakistan on the Basic Pay Scale BPS/17

How many exams are in CSS ?

Followings are the main Four 4 exam for the CSS candidate;

  1. Written Exam
  2. Medical Test
  3. Psychological Test
  4. Viva Voice

What are the general eligibilty criteria for CSS exam in Pakistan?

There are three 3 general Criteria for the eligibility for CSS exam in Pakistan;

  1. Nationality

Nationality should be Pakistani .

NOTE: Religion freedom is available in Pakistan for CSS but Nationality should be Pakistani which is compulsory

2. Educational Criteria

The applicant or candidate must have a BACHELOR DEGREE WITH AT LEAST 2ND DIVISION from the university of Pakistan or equilent degree or qualification of candidate of foreign university must be recognize by HEC.

3. Age Criteria

What is the age limit for CSS exam in Pakistan?

FPSC has announced the minimum age for the css candidate for exam is 22 years and the maximum age criteria is 30 years.

NOTE: IF the candidate is serving any Government job than age limit is relaxed by the 32 years 2 years more than a normal or common candidate.

What are the places/centers or how many centers of CSS exam in Pakistan?

There are currently 23 centers or cities in Pakistan for CSS exam.

Faisalabad,Multan,Lahore,Karachi,Sukker,Islamabad,Peshawer,Abbatabad,D.I.Khan,D.G.Khan,Gilgit,Gujranwala,Hyderabad,Rawalpindi,Surgodha,Sailkot,QUETTA etc are the major cities/centers for CSS exam in Pakistan.

What are the palces/how many of enterviews for CSS in Pakistan?

There are five 5 places or centers or cities in Pakistan for CSS enterviews

Karachi,Islamabad,Lahore,PESHAWAR and Quetta.

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    • Most important subject are law related like criminology and international relationships choose them for good attempt of CSS

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